Friday, June 26, 2009

Wolfpack may have another sleeper in Green

N.C. State’s week of collecting commitments is continuing with the addition of D.J. Green, a 6-foot-4, 208-pound safety from Westside High in Macon, Ga.

Green, the Wolfpack’s fourth commitment this week, had been a bit under the radar. His other offers were from Alabama-Birmingham, Marshall and Troy. But NCSU has built a tradition of finding hidden gems and turning them into quality college players.

Green visited Raleigh last weekend and, after a few days thought, decided that even though Auburn and Florida have recently shown considerable interest, he had the Wolfpack in his heart.

“He just thought it was the right fit for him,” said Westside High coach Sheddrick Risper. “They treated him like it was home. They really showed that they really cared about him.

Asked about Green’s talents, Risper said, “He can cover. He's very versatile. He's aggressive. He can stop the run. He can cover the pass. He has a long wingspan so he can knock a lot of home-run balls down. And he's smart.”

As a junior, Green had 85 tackles, four interceptions and four fumble recoveries while playing free safety and some wide receiver. He was an all-state and all-conference pick.

Green is N.C. State’s seventh commitment for 2010. And the Wolfpack may just have another one of those gems.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Pack? This state is for Tarheel and Pirate fans. Let's do some reporting on Skip Holtz and the resurgent Pirates.

The Beast of the East is Back.


Wade said...

The problem with NCSU was not lack of talent, but lack of good coaching. Sidney Lowe couldn't coach a pickup game, much less an organized game. Until Lowe is gone, NCSU will always play 4th fiddle in this state, behind Duke, UNC, Wake Forest.

Anonymous said...

Tarheel and ECU football..."The Beast of the East?" Pass me what you are smoking - literally!!!

Hysterical how ECU fans are Tarheel fans.

Try this on for size

NC STate 41 UNC 10

Numbers don't lie. Hope those non-qualifiers pan out for you guys this year.

PASS THE BONG DUDE! EZU isn't a college - just a frat party for bandwagon idiots.

Anonymous said...

wake up ezu fans, if there was anything to report on skip holtz and the pirates im sure PBS would mention it. your school is 2nd class, your team is 2nd class and you are 2nd class fans.

as for the tarwads out there, try scrapping some of that cheese off the back of your necks. typical elitest attitude in the forums but at the games its all cell phones and pink oxford cloth shirts. good luck sneaking your mineral water into carter finley this year!

Anonymous said...

for those of you who may not know

tarheels refer to the wolfpack as "dumb red necks" while pirates call the wolfpack a "wine and cheese crowd"

now please tell me who is at the bottom of the NC barrel



dw900rr79 said...

GFY Is that your initials or what you need to do? Proof is in the pudding. Try not letting your players get hold of the vaseline in the locker room again this year before the game. Best excuse i have ever heard in my life.

Anonymous said...

Tom O'Brien is 4-0 against UNC and ECU. Enough said.