Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short Yardage: McQueen, Brantley, etc.

South Pointe High offensive lineman Jacob McQueen has received his first offer, from Gardner-Webb. “Assistant coach (Mike) Doolittle told Jacob that his footwork and work ethic were so good that he believes he could play any position on the offensive line,” said McQueen’s father, Dan.

*Tehvyn Brantley’s Great Adventure is veering off in another direction. Now, after camping at a half-dozen schools, he’s planning to attend some national combines later in the summer, according to father Leroy.

The pair had slowed their pace earlier when Tehvyn’s mother, Jackie Alston of Henderson, became ill.

Leroy also said there was some miscommunication on Buffalo’s offer to Tehvyn. "They told us they had withdrawn the offer at this time,” Leroy said. “We didn’t tell them we were not interested.”

*Hickory Grove Christian OG/MLB Drew Morgan, who is heading into his sophomore season, will attend the Utimate 100 Combine in Atlanta Friday. Even though he’s Class of 2012, Morgan has already been receiving interest from schools like Texas, Nebraska, UCLA, Vanderbilt and others.

*Army has begun showing interest in Charlotte Latin’s Paul Paschal, according to coach Larry McNulty.

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MichaelProcton said...

Hey Tehvyn: exposure is nice, but don't go off making the schools that cared about you from the beginning think you've got a massive ego with three blog posts dedicated to you a week.

Anonymous said...

How many other student athletes are having to go cross country to try and get a scholarship offer? The answer is none. That's right, there has to be a skeleton in the closet, but when will it come out.
Stan if you want to see great talent to write about, call the local coaches and go watch their summer workouts. Athletes who care about the team are working out with their teammates to get better and not just a one man show.
Why is dad calling you and to give you updates on this student's cross country publicity stunt? If he was so great he would have already had an offer by now.

Anonymous said...


Brantley should have graduated high school in 2007. He reclassed and was a senior in 2008 and reclassed again to be a senior in 2009. He should be a sophmore in College playing with the big boys. He is still in high school . This is his 6th YEAR in HIGH SCHOOL.....
6th.... There is you skeleton

Shawn Bridges said...

To Anonymous #2, before going off half cocked, you should gather your information properly first. Tehvyn Brantley was NOT scheduled to graduate from high school in 2007. He did reclass in 2008, but what is the fuss about? I never read where anybody had anything bad to say about Tyler Hansborough's age........and he turns 25 in November! So let's do the math together......four years of college, subtracted from 25....hmm, that equals 21. So if he could start his college career at age 21, that means Mr. Brantley should be able to take at least 3 more years off before entering college, correct?
And as for Anonymous #1, it sounds like jealousy is clouding your thought process? Why would Stan have to call up "local" coaches and get their opinion on who are the best athletes? These camps have been run for years, so if a kid is fortunate enough or lucky enough to attend them, then why shouldn't they? And if you think it is all one big publicity stunt....well, I guess it is working because it has people like you commenting on it.

stan olson said...

I would agree with you and add to the other guys, I've seen this kid play. Teams are rejecting him because of his height without watching him play. So he and his dad feel the need to go show them in person. He scraps, he runs, he jumps, he gets open. Check him out yourself, then comment,