Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Great Adventure: Stop 4

Tehvyn Brantley is, as the kids say, “blowing up.”

Check out his profile on this morning; he’s gone from a non-entity to a three-star prospect, rated the No.95 wide receiver in the country.

He earned that rating on the field Tuesday, after flying from Arizona State to Atlanta and then taking a Greyhound to Knoxville, getting in at 5 in the morning.

Working on virtually no sleep, he was, according to Scout analyst Chad Simmons, “pretty much uncoverable, and he caught every ball I saw him get his hands on.”

Brantley’s Great Adventure was created by father Leroy and himself to get the player exposure, since 5-foot-8, 165-pound wide receivers are hardly noticed by the big boys.

They’re starting to notice Brantley, especially since he won one of three WR MVP awards at the Vols’ camp Tuesday.

Tehvyn said his favorite moment came when one cornerback whose name he didn’t remember kept talking trash to all the receivers—and then stopping them. Then he got Brantley, and Brantley beat him deep.

“Kids were dancing and singing,” Brantley said, laughing. “That kind of shut him up.”

So far, Brantley still has offers only from Buffalo and Central Michigan. But Florida is calling now and several west coast powers are interested. And after the camp, three Tennessee coaches talked to him and asked for his video.

“After today, I don’t think schools have any choice but to offer me,” he said, laughing.

Now Brantley gets a couple of days to rest—although he insists he never needs rest—in Charlotte, where he has family. Saturday, though, the adventure is on again, with son and dad flying to UCLA for the Bruins’ camp.

We’ll keep you posted. And rest assured, if you’re MVP at Tennessee’s camp, you’re going big-time. –Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

man the kid sounds like a beast ..its good to show that Nc has always had talent......this state is always overlooked