Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Adventure: North Carolina offers Brantley

All those doubters who thought that we were making a big deal about WR Tehvyn Brantley and that he couldn’t play don’t include North Carolina coach Butch Davis. The Tar Heels have offered Brantley a scholarship.

“Coach Davis said I had great hand-eye coordination,” said Brantley, who talked to Davis at UNC’s camp last week. “He compared me to Santana Moss."

Davis coached Moss, an NFL standout, in his days at the University of Miami.

Many of the doubters have ripped Brantley because of his 5-foot-8 height, but the player has an answer for them, supplied by another coach who has been recruiting him. “He told me the height thing is kind of a rule for wide receivers, but there are always exceptions. He said I was the exception.”

Brantley was talking by phone from the Los Angeles area, where he and dad Leroy are waiting to attend Southern Cal’s camp Wednesday and Thursday. Tehvyn worked out at Oregon State’s camp Sunday after the pair flew west on Saturday.

More offers are expected shortly. UCLA, Auburn, Tennessee and Oregon State might all offer by the end of the week, according to Leroy Brantley.

And so the adventure continues—and now at a higher level.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Charlotte Observer / Daily Tarheel keeps us Charlotteans abreast over each new kid Butch Davis tries to screw over. Too bad BD will be gone before his recruiting violations come to light.

Anonymous said...

You are a moron in addition to being a hater. Butch Davis has never had violations on his watch, not to mention that jailbird U had it's highest graduation rate in history and NO, that's right, NO arrests while Davis was coach.

If you don't like the fact that the Observer writes to the majority audience by covering The Heels, read another publication!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"If you don't like the fact that the Observer writes to the majority audience by covering The Heels, read another publication!!!!!!!"

All teh haters should shut up!!!!!! Ha-ha! Tarheels fans are the only ones that can reed anyways!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but they can't spell its read not reed GO PACK