Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tar Heels get chance with Amerson this weekend

Greensboro Dudley DB David Amerson, one of the most highly recruited players in North Carolina, has 18 offers but four favorites right now — he’s leaning toward Virginia Tech, Clemson, N.C. State and Notre Dame.

But this weekend, North Carolina’s Tar Heels will have a chance to push their way into that top group. Amerson is headed toward Chapel Hill for a visit, and is looking forward to it.

“I really want a chance to evaluate Carolina a little bit,” he said a few minutes ago. “They’ve been calling me a lot.”

Amerson said he is in no hurry to end the recruiting process, calling it a blessing. And his stock has risen dramatically; once projected as a safety because of his 6-foot-1 frame, he has shown the quickness and physicality needed to develop into a shutdown cornerback.

“Most teams like me at corner now,” he said. “My being physical and aggressive has helped.”

Amerson only started playing football last year, after Dudley football coach Steve Davis happened to see him dunking in the gym while wearing work boots. That first season brought 60 tackles and nine interceptions.

So what will the summer bring?

“I really want to visit a lot of schools I haven’t seen yet,” Amerson said. “I’d like to get out to LSU and maybe Texas Tech, to South Carolina and of course to Notre Dame. And to Kentucky and Louisville.

“I want to see what’s out there, go places I’ve never been.”

He’s familiar with North Carolina, but that doesn’t keep him from being intrigued. In a few days, the Tar Heels get their chance to climb onto his leader board.

– Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Amerson - The crowd at NCSTATE will BLOW AWAY most places in the ACC. PASSION, EXCITEMENT, and a great COACH is what welcomes you to NCSTATE. Read about what the pro's say about Tom O'Brien and his programs. He will coach you, not just fill your head with dreams with little follow Butch Davis - loaded new recruits and kicked those on his team off to make room for them. Be apart of the up and coming...not the past, not the present....

Anonymous said...

TOM WHO? YOU MEAN THAT UGLY OLD REDHEADED GEEK? The one that is on a 2 year losing streak with nc state? Him? State sucks at baseball, football and basketball. UNC has a better looking and taller and better record overall coach and he is winning and recruiting. Go to state if you want to work in a cotton mill the rest of your life or be a dirt farmer.We turned out 5 players to the NFL LAST YEAR. WE had an 8 and 5 bowl team, a baseball team that went to the CWS FOR THE 4TH STRAIGHT YEAR- AN ACC RECORD, AND A BASKETBALL TEAM THAT WENT TO THE FINAL FOUR AND THEN WON IT ALL. What the hell has tom redneck obrian done in NC?

MichaelProcton said...

41-10, question mark? Pretty sad if a "retard" is outcoaching you that badly.

Anonymous said...

if Moo U fans spent as much time pulling up their program as they spend envying and talking trash about UNC they would actually have a sport program to be proud of. By the way, i am impressed that Sidney Lowe got his Internet Degree 20 years after playing at state. and where is your Provost? Where is Mrs Easly? where is your chancler?

Go Woofpack... keep dreaming...

Anonymous said...

How many years has State been up and coming? When are they going to arrive?