Monday, October 5, 2009

Were Wolfpack, Heels, Deacons late on Keenan Allen?

Northern Guilford WR/QB/S Keenan Allen, the No.2 prospect in the state on The Observer’s Top 25 Prospects list, has received 30 or so scholarship offers.

“The first two came from Alabama and Clemson,” said Scott Lang, Allen’s dad, today. “I don’t know where the in-state schools were.”

Lang paused and added, “Well, I’ve got to give Duke credit; they came in early and offered, too. They worked hard on Keenan.

“But (North) Carolina, N.C. State and Wake Forest kind of took their time before offering. They got behind. I mean, Carolina can do that kind of thing in basketball, but football is a different story.”

All three eventually offered Allen, but guess who his three finalists are? Well, start with Alabama and Clemson, the first two to pony up scholarships. Along with Oregon.

“Also, the out of state schools seemed to recruit Keenan harder than the in-state schools have,” Lang said. “That makes a difference as well.”

Now, if a player is one whose ability you’re not sure of, it makes sense to wait. But Allen is likely the best athlete in North Carolina. If programs like Clemson and Alabama can see that, you’d think schools within an hour or so of Allen’s home would as well.

--Stan Olson

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