Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brantley impresses after move to quarterback

We recently told you about our guy Tehvyn Brantley of Durham Mt. Zion, the little wide receiver we followed through the summer as he zigzagged cross-country on a tour of camps and combines, trying to prove that despite his 5-foot-8 size, he could play.He proved it to a number of people, and is now sitting on offers from North and South Carolina while he finishes up a Spanish class that would qualify him for college.

Two games ago, Brantley was shifted to QB after the starter abruptly left the program. He’s put up surprisingly good numbers for a kid with no experience at the position.

To get an unbiased opinion of Brantley, we checked with Hampton (Va.) Christian coach Terry Laufer, Mt. Zion’s most recent opponent and victim of a 48-14 Warriors’ win.

“I was surprised it was just his second game at quarterback,” Laufer said. “He’s an outstanding football player. He has the quickest feet we’ve seen this year; maybe the quickest feet I’ve ever seen in high school.

“His football IQ was amazing. It was just his second game and he looked like he had been running the offense all season, out there directing his players into the right formations.

“He won’t project as a Division I QB because of his size, and his arm isn’t strong enough, but I can definitely see him being a receiver or a return man at that level.”

In the game, Brantley threw for four scores and ran for another.

--Stan Olson

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