Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tar Heels recruiting Carolinas' juniors in large numbers

North Carolina’s coaching staff is swarming all over the Carolinas in search of its Class of 2011.

The Tar Heels have already targeted a large number of current juniors in North and South Carolina, and haven’t been slow to offer. has identified 28 juniors who have been offered by UNC so far, and 16 of those are from the Carolinas.

I’ve been hard on the Tar Heels for neglecting their own state this year, while N.C. State dominated it. But Butch Davis’ defenders insisted that the current seniors simply did not fill the program’s needs.

Next year’s apparently does, as 13 North Carolina juniors have already been offered.

One of the problems with this year’s class has been a lack of high-powered quarterbacks. The Observer’s NC Top 25 College Prospects list includes just one QB, Tyler Brosius of Waynesville Tuscola High, at No.20.

That will change next year, and the Tar Heels will be in the thick of it. They’ve already offered seven QBs, and six are from the Carolinas. Four of those play in N.C.

Names to follow—stay tuned.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

Let me get this correct. They have offered seven QBs. Maybe some are being recruited for different positions but they seem like a lot to offer

That is the reason they have not done well in- state recruiting this year.

THis years crop is much better than last years as there are more five stars and four stars players this year than last.

I guess that was all a plan as well.

This sounds more like damage control from a media machine

Anonymous said...

It's desperation time. UNC has offered 7 quarterbacks? How many offensive linemen do they have commitments from? This is what happens when your coaching staff chases stars rather than trying to build a team from the ground up. UNC's offensive line is a disaster and there is very little in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

Actually, UNC has 4 OL commitments for next season including a 5 star & a 4 star. They are one of three finalists for another 4 star OL this yr (a NC kid no loss....gasp!). And UNC is taking 2 QBs in next year's class since they aren't taking any this yr. Do your research before spouting off next time. And you're crazy if you think there are more 4 & 5 star QBs in this year's class vs 2011. Again, do your research.

Anonymous said...

Research, research...ah, yes. Here it is...41-10.

Anonymous said...

UVA is favored to win on Saturday against the Heels. The horror!!!

Anonymous said...

Damage control from Butch and Co. Their staff is very unsettled at the moment (5 new coaches). They are grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

You almost feel sorry for UNC-CH football program. Almost.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, UNC has 4 OL commitments for next season including a 5 star & a 4 star."

Oh - so they are going to play as true freshman? Good to know.

"And UNC is taking 2 QBs in next year's class since the ones they have stink to high heaven and BMFD ran off our best option during the off season"

Couldn't agree with you more.

"And you're crazy if you think there are more 4 & 5 star QBs in this year's class vs 2011."

Next year is a good year for QBs in NC. This year is one of the best overall years in a long time. The number of out-of-state, high major offers for NC kids is off the charts in '10. Great year to win the in-state battle.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Heel Haters!!! Let the hate out oh envious ones...

Anonymous said...

You're right, other teams can only pray for the ability to lose to their rival by a score of 41-10. They would have no choice but to be envious of the 154 yards UNC racked up against Georgia Tech and the incredible QB play demonstrated in Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the UNC faithful proclaim "there is less talent this year in NC than last year", so BD is concentrating outside NC this year.

According to Rival

There more five star recruits than last year 2 versus 1 and there are more four star recruits than last year 12 versus 8.

Therefore, this excuse does not hold much water

Big Daddy said...

LOL wow. State fans are nutting all over themselves...over what? A scoreless snorefest of a game, and another loss, to South Carolina? TWO games against teams that even Dook could probably beat. And a comeback win, the 4th in a row at home mind you, over an average Big East team? Are you people even PLAYING a road game this year?? And let us UNC fans remind you...we still have you DOUBLED UP in wins against you clowns. Win about 30 in a row and we'll be even. You like that research geeks?

Anonymous said...

Nah, UNC is actually favored to beat UVA by 13...but State is a 3 point underdog to WAKE LOL. Gee, where's the respect Pack fans? Could it be your tendency to fall apart when you have to play a road game against a non Division 3 team?

Anonymous said...

Ability to fall apart on the road? You mean like when we beat your sorry team by 31 points last year?

Anonymous said...

"State fans are nutting all over themselves...over what?"

Try 41-10 and winning 8 of the last 10 games (with one loss being the bowl game we would have won easily if Wilson is not hurt or Glennon were not redshirting).

"Win about 30 in a row and we'll be even. "

Sounds good but will Butch be the coach for that long?