Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is Wolfpack commitment Hunter solid after being suspended for the rest of the prep season?

Cary Defensive end Fre’Shad Hunter, suspended two weeks ago for the remainder of his senior season by coach Ben Kolstad for a violation of team rules, has not had his scholarship offer pulled by N.C. State—at least for now.

“I talked to (Wolfpack assistant coach Mike) Archer last week, and he didn’t say anything about that happening,” Kolstad said a few minutes ago. “But there’s a possibility Fre’Shad could end up in junior college or something like that.

“As far I know, Fre’Shad is still committed to them. But I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

What Kolstad does know is that Hunter is finished for the season at Cary, his high school career over. Which means the infraction must have been a serious one. And Hunter is no run-of-the-mill talent; he is ranked No.4 on The Observer’s Top 25 NC Prospects list.

--Stan Olson


Going Packwards said...

I thought Tom O'Brien would be different than the other coaches we've had. It looks like the only coach we have had with any class over the last 20 years is Herb.

Anonymous said...

hey buddy, shows how much you know
herbie had some class, but nothing between the ears, the only reason he is doing well at ASU is he plays nobody, everyone is weak in their conference.
you are saying Valvano had no class???? what kind of a fan are you???? You are not one, PERIOD.
I support TOB 100%, he has done well for us so far and will continue to do so in the future.
Whenever we have a team as good as his last BC team, you can be a bandwagon fan like the other people from UNC with basketball

Anonymous said...

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