Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Army All-American Bowl expected to name Victor Hampton to roster today

You may remember DB Victor Hampton, at one time a star at Independence High and ranked as the No.2 prospect in North Carolina by The Observer last spring. He’s expected to be named to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl roster this afternoon at his school, where he will be presented with his jersey for the game, which will be televised by NBC Jan. 9 from the Alamodome in San Antonio.

A lot has changed for Hampton, who committed to Florida but has since been dropped by the Gators, since that lofty No.2 ranking.

Over the summer, he was kicked off the Patriots’ team by coach Tom Knotts, for reasons that were not elaborated on. He landed at Darlington High, where the Army—always looking for a few good men for its prep all-star game—apparently found him.

Hampton is getting another opportunity at Darlington. We like to see our area kids succeed, so hopefully, he is taking advantage of this second chance in South Carolina.

Now, Hampton’s collegiate leader appears to be Tennessee, with South Carolina and possibly North Carolina in the mix, after Florida apparently decided he wasn’t worth any possible trouble.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

If the kid has improved his attitude and doing what he should at Darlington, I'd welcome him into the fold on the Hill. Everyone makes mistakes and the kid deserves a 2nd chance if he's proven he's past the problems that existed before.

Anonymous said...

before he got kicked off independence he got kicked off butler. The kid has authority issues. I wish the best for him but I don't know who wants to take the risk on a kid who has quit on two top flight teams.

Anonymous said...

he actually never got kicked off any team

Anonymous said...

Stan you sound a little personal there. you should get your facts correct before stating them. Hampton was not kicked off any team. I know Newsome did not tell you that because he knows it isn't true. I bet you he didn't say that because he knows there are people who know differently. Victor put the haters in Charlotte behind you and keep pressing forward. How many players in Charlotte have been selected to play in this All-American game? Thank God some people don't go by everything they hear.

Anonymous said...

why Stan wasn't it elaborated on....because it didn't happen. What's your issue with this kid cuz you sure seem to sound like you have a personal vendetta with the way you report this by using the words KICKED OFF. What's wrong does he have more talent than your kid? Did he take your son's, nephew's, friend's son's position? You should be more objective in your reporting. Oh well it's only read by Charlotteans anyways so what does it matter?