Friday, October 16, 2009

Schools will soon be chasing Calhoun County's newest big receiver

If you read my previous post, you might be wondering why Shamir Jeffrey wasn’t shifted to quarterback sooner.

“We wanted to move him, but we had a good quarterback (junior Brandon Thomas, being recruited by BCS schools) and we needed a big receiver,” said Calhoun County coach Walter Wilson. “Now we have someone else who can handle that role.”

That someone else is 6-foot-3½, 180-pound sophomore Mark Irick.

“He’s moved in to Shamir’s old spot,” Wilson said. “He only has what we call ‘sophomore speed,’ he’ll get faster. But he and Shamir are both basketball kids, and they know how to go up and get the ball, whether it’s a basketball or a football.”

Irick is running about a 4.7-second 40 now, Wilson said. He’s still a bit gangly, but his coordination will catch up to his body in the coming months, and that speed will almost certainly improve.

Look for the heavy recruiting of Irick to slip into gear next year. And meanwhile, Calhoun County (6-1) has one more weapon to beat you with.

--Stan Olson

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