Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fulton officially visits Crimson Tide—and Gamecocks are in town

Kind of interesting that cornerback John Fulton of Manning High—the No.5 prospect on our SC Top 25 List—picked this weekend to make his official visit to Alabama. South Carolina is in town, and while Fulton’s finalists are a who’s who of southeast powerhouses like Florida, Georgia and LSU, the in-state Gamecocks are believed to have a slight edge over the Tide.

*Also, Gabe King, formerly No.1 on our NC list, tore meniscus in his knee in his first game playing for South Eugene (Ore.) High. He’s supposed to be back by the end of the month, although the injury at first seemed more serious. King’s favorites continue to be Oregon, California and Alabama. And I wouldn’t bet against the Ducks, given that he and the university now inhabit the same town.

--Stan Olson

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