Friday, October 2, 2009

Insect bite forces Providence Day's Sherrill to sidelines

We hate to remove anyone from our Football Database, especially when something happens like the odyssey that Providence Day’s Kevin Sherrill went through. Sherrill, an all-state safety as a junior, was bitten by an insect just a week before practice started. He spent a week in the hospital before doctors finally had him on the road to recovery.

“He had been drawing a lot of interest, from Duke among other schools,” said Providence Day coach Bruce Hardin. “And then this happens.”

The doctors decided that Sherrill should not play football this season.

“It was devastating to him and to our team,” Hardin said. "It was very serious, but fortunately, he has recovered from it."

Sherrill, though, will be able to play lacrosse; he excels at that as well.

And, most importantly, he has regained his health.

--Stan Olson


dharmamama said...

What kind of insect sidelines a football player for the season? Was he allergic?

Stan Olson said...

Actually, usually an allergy is involved. Hardin didn't want to get into the details to protect the kid's privacy...