Monday, September 21, 2009

Top recruit Gabe King apparently transfers to South Eugene (Ore.) High

Defensive end Gabe King, No.1 on our NC Top 25 Prospects list, has moved to Oregon for his senior season, although it isn’t quite a done deal yet.

“He is in school here,” said South Eugene athletic director Dave Hancock moments ago. “But in order for him to be eligible, his parents have to move out here as well. We’ll know more about that later today.”

Still, one would assume that if King is already enrolled, that his parents—knowing the rules—will follow. Meaning that he will not be No.1—or even No. 25, when our pre-signing day list comes out a few months from now. Ought to be pretty high up on the state of Oregon’s list, though.

King had hoped to play at Northern Guilford High in the Greensboro area, but was ruled ineligible by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association due to a controversy regarding his home address while enrolled at Greensboro Page last spring. That meant that the only way he could play in the state was at one of the many private schools.

Apparently, he chose to go out of state—‘way out of state—instead.

Uh, think this might work out pretty well for the University of Oregon, which just happens to be located in Eugene as well?

King has already announced that his top three college choices are Oregon, California and Alabama.

If I’m the Golden Bears or Crimson Tide, I’m thinking about looking elsewhere for a world class DE.

As for our rankings, No.2 Robert Crisp, the massive OT who has committed to
N.C. State, takes over the top spot by default.
--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Robert Crisp will soon see the error of his ways and leave the Wolfpuppies behind by signing with Coach Davis and the might Tarheels!!

Anonymous said...

Rob Crisp is apparently allergic to alumninum. That rules out UNC. As Packman said on the radio today, "My God, what is wrong with those fans in Chapel Hill. Two hours before the game and no one to be seen around Kenan." He goes on to say, "I hope they start supporting their program up there."

If you are a top rated OL - why would you go to UNC. O'Brien has put double digit numbers of OL in the 1st round. This is a done deal.

Looking forward to seeing the Aluminum Bowl later in the year. Glad you guys got the questionable safety to "save" your season vs. the powerhouse that is UCONN.

Anonymous said...

maybe Butch and Blake will fly to Oregon and make King an offer he can't refu$e...

Anonymous said...

As Packman said on the radio today, "My God, what is wrong with those fans in Chapel Hill. Two hours before the game and no one to be seen around Kenan."

That's what happens when your best tailgating areas are in office parking decks. That, and the whine and cheese crowd equals fail. Was John Edwards and baby "It" in his seat at Kenan this past week? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Were Mike and Mary at Carter Finley last weekend? They probably had to pay them to come to the game! haters...