Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clemson jumps in early to grab Anson athlete Ellerbe

Clemson has made a quick move to grab Anson High junior athlete Brandon Ellerbe. Ellerbe, who recently visited and was impressed by the school, received the Tigers’ offer—his first—and accepted it today.

“He can play safety, tailback, wide receiver, anywhere you put him,” said Anson coach Luke Hyatt. “He’s done everything here; thrown, caught and intercepted a pass, as well as running the ball.”

Ellerbe is 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds. Last season, Hyatt said, Ellerbe had four interceptions and about 30 tackles playing primarily at safety.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Luke Hyatt is the worst coach Anson has had by far. He is just happy to have his name in a reputable paper for once. There is no doubt Anson has athletes but they are going to be held back by Hyatt's poor coaching.

Anonymous said...

Actually Hyatt is a excellent coach his first year lead his team to the 4th round of the playoffs

Anonymous said...

Hyatt is a great coach.

Anonymous said...

Hyatt is by far the WORST Coach Anson has had! There is a lot of talent on his team and he just don't know how to utilize them. He has a great QB right now and he's too Tall to be underneath that center!!! SHOT GUN COACH, SHOTGUN! I'll be surprised if Anson even has a football team next season.