Friday, September 4, 2009

Hokies, Gators, Seminoles officially offer Butler's LeMay

Butler High QB Christian LeMay has received his first three written scholarship offers, according to his dad Dr. Stacy LeMay. Juniors are allowed to receive official offers beginning Sept. 1.

They came from Florida, Florida State and Virginia Tech, Stacey said this morning.

“We’re pretty excited; it’s a pretty honoring experience. That’s pretty much the top of the line.”

Christian LeMay said recently that he had 12 verbal offers, so more officials can be expected soon.

His father said that Christian is also in the mix for the one quarterback a year that Southern Cal will sign.

“It’s an unofficial recruiting process, a selection process for that one spot. It’s a true pro-style offense, and all of their quarterbacks seem to wind up in the NFL.”

--Stan Olson

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JAT said...

Dr. LeMay understands tht SoCal, for example, has a true frosh starting right now.

Don't think his grand plan involves his son sitting for 3 years.