Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clemson, Gamecocks have best area recruiting classes as Tar Heels slide down rankings

Time for our every-so-often checkup on the rankings of the 2010 recruiting classes of our seven major programs, according to our friends at

And, to put it mildly, Clemson and South Carolina are kicking the North Carolina schools’ rear ends.

Clemson has taken the lead, ranked No.20 nationally on Scout’s list. The Gamecocks are 26th overall, and then comes the biggest surprise. Wake Forest has moved ahead of its in-state rivals at No.34. The Deacons’ football reputation has been improving by the year, and that extends to recruiting.

is a respectable 39th, with surprising Duke right behind at No.45.

And where is North Carolina? The Tar Heels are 59th, just behind Northwestern.

East Carolina
is the last of our seven, coming in at No.88.

What does all this tell us?

Our ACC schools are sort of flipped upside down. But the bottom line is that overall, the SEC (ouch!) is walloping the ACC in recruiting. Just consider that four of the top six schools in the rankings are SEC members.

That must be why my cohorts started that goofy SEC blog (just kidding fellas!)

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

It says that ranking a recruiting class nearly six months before signing day is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in a "day" either.

You must be a UNC fan.

704Champ said...

Whats so surprising about Wake taking the lead amongst schools in North Carolina? Grobe is a great coach, and in the last 5-10 years, Wake has clearly had the best individual season of any of the schools in this State. And that includes when my Wolfpack went 11-3 in Rivers' junior year.

Anonymous said...

"N.C. State is a respectable 39th, with surprising Duke right behind at No.45.

And where is North Carolina? The Tar Heels are 59th, just behind Northwestern."

Looks like UNC-CH now has their own smoke and mirrors man at the helm.

Stan Olson said...

We rank recruiting classes as we go along because it's interesting (everybody loves rankings), but also as more and more kids commit early. Classes are filling up fast, to the point where the Tar Heels won't have enough targets left to make much movement up the list if they don't get busy soon...

Anonymous said...

Butch Davis is making plans to leave UNC because he now knows he is not a Mac Brown recruiting success and you can see UNC is a laugh and the football strength will quickly go back to what it was in the Bunting years. Butch even made the statement that he didn't now where he would be in a few years from now and the dumb Tar Pit posters just ignored it instead of questioning that statement from his mouth about a week ago. This will be his last year when a good football college offers him a great job.

Anonymous said...

The reason many teams are as high as they are is due to the number of recruits, period. Clemson only has 2 4 star recruits (5 from Rivals), SC 4 4 star recruits (3 from Rivals), and UNC has 1 5 star (1 5 Star & 1 4 star from Rivals). The other issue is that UNC has 4 recruits who have not been rated (3 in Prep), meaning their stars will be adjusted later which will improve their standing.

Not to mention that Butch informed everyone that he has 9 recruits and 4 to 5 silent commitments and plans to take anywhere from 18 – 20 this year. That leaves only about 5 or 6 players left to fill the class.

Best bet is to use average stars, which are irrelevant until everyone has been evaluated and ranked.

By the way, Rivals has NCS at #1 in NC, followed by UNC, Duke, and then Wake.

Observer Sports said...

Your goofy cohorts who started the SEC blog have one question:

How's that Wofford class shaping up?