Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tide, Nittany Lions salivating at Keenan Allen’s opening show

When official stats aren’t easily available, sometimes an eyewitness account works even better.

On Aug. 21, Northern Guilford opened its season with a 43-36 victory over Western Guilford, and Nighthawks WR/S Keenan Allen showed why he is one of the most sought-after recruits in the country.

An Alabama fan watched the game and focused on Allen, later posting his observations on a Crimson Tide message board. An abbreviated version follows:

“I had the pleasure of watching Keenan Allen play in person Friday night.

Here is what Keenan accomplished:
*3 TD Receptions (21yd, 65yd, 7yd)
*3 Two Point Conversion Receptions
*1 TD Pass (78yd)
*1 Caused Fumble Returned by Teammate for Score*1 Interception returned approx 20yd
*1 Punt Kicked 55yd downed inside 5yd line
*Kicked all Kickoffs consistantly inside of 10yd line.
*Caused two broken passes on tremendous hits.
*Had approx 6-8 tackles
*Rushed for approx 60yds

"Western Guilford, their opponent, is typically a consistently good 3A team. Keenan was far and beyond the best athlete on the field. Western was scared to the throw the ball at him and the first time they did he picked it off. I would have liked to see him rush the passer from the safety spot, but Northern is a new school and has so little depth that they wouldn't have been able to rotate players over if he blitzed.

" He played the entire game with the exception of about 7 plays. He made the play of the game on 4th and 11 with a minute to go. He hit a receiver on a crossing pattern at the 1 yd line for the go ahead score to win the game."

The guy also said his wife knew one of the Northern Guilford coaches, and that Allen was “50-50” between Alabama and Penn State as his university of choice.

Allen is the No.3 player on The Observer’s Top 25 Prospects list. And now he sounds like yet another on that list who is headed out of state.

--Stan Olson

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