Tuesday, September 1, 2009

King should give area schools another look

While we wait to see how the courts resolve Gabe King’s issue—will he be able to play for Northern Guilford High after all—King should rethink the list of colleges he’s considering.

He has made it clear that he wants a fresh start somewhere else because of all that’s gone on in his prep career, but think about that for a minute; none of it was the state of North Carolina’s fault.

King alledgedly signed a document saying that he lived in a place that he didn’t in order to play for Northern Guilford, this while he was living with his sister in the district of Greensboro Page, the school that had previously kicked him off the team.

Time to accept responsibility. This was likely his fault or his parents, and yet as far as recruiting goes, he treats the Carolinas—and their major universities—like pariahs.

Right now, King lists his favorites as California, Alabama, Oregon and Tennessee, with Cal in the lead. If this really is about just wanting to see the rest of the country, more power to him. But if he thinks any of his problems are somehow the fault of Clemson or Duke or ECU or North Carolina or N.C. State or South Carolina or Wake Forest, he should think again.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Who wants this head case on their team?

Anonymous said...

"delimma"?? Doesn't anyone over there have spell check?

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty ridiculous situation. King is your typical immature teenager who thinks it's all about him. I'm thankful he's decided to go out of the state because frankly I don't want my team to have anything to do with him.

Anonymous said...

King's recruitment is being controlled by a street agent that is "advising" him. Apparently this "advisor" likes the west coast schools for some rea$on.

Anonymous said...

What's it matter anyway? He can go to school where ever he chooses... besides like someone already said who needs him?