Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another step for Tar Heels/Gamecocks target Brantley

Durham Mt. Zion wide receiver Tehvyn Brantley, who has offers from North and South Carolina, took another step in his development Friday when he was abruptly shifted to quarterback for his team’s game at Highland Tech in Gastonia.

“Our regular quarterback transferred,” Brantley said.

You might call the move a success.

First, Mt. Zion blew out the home team, 42-13

Brantley’s first game at QB produced 228 yards rushing and three TDs, along with 140 yards passing and two more scores.

“We worked out of the spread, or out of a Wildcat formation,” said Brantley, bubbling enthusiastically. “The ball in my hands, it just felt natural to me. It felt comfortable. It felt great.”

He knows schools won’t suddenly start recruiting him as a quarterback -- he’s 5-foot-8. But he plans on enjoying it while it lasts.

And there’s a bit more news.

“My dad said N.C. State is showing some interest now,” Brantley said.

As a wide receiver, of course.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

He's missed the boat at Carolina (the real one). He'll probably end up at South Carolina.

He had his chance with Carolina and for whatever reason screwed around.

You'd think a kid that went on a whirlwind summer camp tour would have more offers don't you? Something doesn't add up....

Anonymous said...

I on the other hand think he will attend THE University of North Carolina -- that's right, the one in Raleigh, also known as N. C. State. ;>

Anonymous said...

Stan you can stop with updates that connect Brantley to UNC. That ship has sailed.

Anonymous said...

Go with The Old Ball Coach, not Visor Boy Jr. AKA "The Fraud."

Tarheel Paul said...

We know you dislke for the Tar Heels but please provide factual information.
He is no longer a recruit for the Heels.
Signing day is still along way off and we will be fine regardless what you publish.