Friday, September 11, 2009

Tar Heels, Wolfpack, Deacons, Pirates losing state

After a bad week for the North Carolina universities on the recruiting front, it appears the home state has been lost.

A total of 15 members of The Observer’s NC Top 25 Prospects list have made their commitments so far, and our five major in-state universities can claim only six of them. And North Carolina, normally dominant on its home turf, has just one of those. N.C. State has two, Duke has two--a good effort for the Blue Devils--and Wake Forest, one.

The loss of No.11 Chris McCain to Oregon only makes it worse, coming on the heels of No.4 Alfy Hill’s decision to pick Alabama over the Tar Heels.

And things don’t appear to be getting much better with the uncommitted ten. No.1 Gabe King and No.3 Keenan Allen, both remarkable athletes, have made it clear that they prefer out-of-state schools.

In comparison, Clemson and South Carolina are dominating their state, keeping the best players home. The Tigers have seven members of our SC Top 25, and the Gamecocks have collected four, with both in the running for more.

-- Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

don't count UNC out on Hill yet. He said that he was still going to take his official visits and the way he has been flip flopping you never know. Gabe King was on campus meeting with the UNC coach's this week. Way to early to tell on a lot of this but I think you will see this change shortly.

Anonymous said...

another great Carolina source.....anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is a stupid column in that UNC never offered McCain & according to UNC website Inside Carolina, Heels have only offered 13 of state's top 50 players this year. (Top 50 players list courtesy of Fayetteville Observer). It's not a great year for NC football, class of 2011 MUCH stronger. As far as Hill goes he can go to Alabama & not ever have to worry about having to go to class, check out their graduation rates for both regular students & athletes. They are pathetically low, only good academic institution in SEC is Vandy.

Tarheel Paul said...


It's a long time till signing day.
An August committment does not always have staying power. If these kids want to visit other places before they sign, go for it.
But the train sometimes gets full and there are no more seats.

Keep bashing the Heels. Recruiting top 100 players nationally is a long process but the benefits worth the wait.

Go Heels.

James C. said...
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Anonymous said...

It's always been this way. And it will never change. I don't care how "excited" Carolina fans claim to get about Butch and the football program.

siff said...


That's fine. Wake will just continue to mine talent in little ole can have the Carolinas, thank you.

lloyd said...

let them go, thats why our state got no respect these kids want to leave the state so bad. if these kids stay home our schools would be great. do Hakeem Nicks ring a bell. the best reciever in the draft in my eyes. best hands for sure. dont worry butch will get'em.

Anonymous said...

Butch will get them? Butch will be coaching somewhere else by then. Also don't put too much hype in to your star system that is used in college recruiting. it's a joke in so many ways. If they commit to UNC they are 4 stars, if the same player commits to Penn State he is 5 stars, if he chooses ECU he is 3 star. UNC is always getting these stellar classes, Bunting in the past. how did they fare. Better yet how has Butch faired against ECU while at UNC and Miami. 0-3.....Butch will get them? Maybe some day.

Anonymous said...

Should high school coaches promote instate institutions? Is it in a high schooler's best interest to go instate? If the coaches can prepare the athlete for professional sports, and the academic program has a good record of preparing students for a nonathletic career, should the local schools be favored? Should a coach promote an out of state school?
My feelings, Keep them in state where they can have a following and they can develop a broader network of contacts for their future. Hill would be better off at any of the big 4 schools in NC than at Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Butch Davis will leave UNC after this year you stupid UNC posters. All of you that write on the "tar pit" have been saying for over 5 months that Buctch is getting ready to land some big boys. Hell, they have already committed to other schools or are tops on the list with other colleges. Ya'll sure as hell ain't getting Lattimore-he is South Carolina bound. Draughn looked like shit against UCONN. IF He gets 1000 yards it will take 13 games. Your offense sucks big time. Butch is already eyeballing the next big offer so he won't be a fool hanging with a basketball school. Plus, he found out he can't recruit the way Mac Brown recruited at UNC. Butch wants to succeed and it will never happen at UNC and Tom Obrian and company regularly kick his assat every opportunity.

daddybrock32 said...

I didn't realize that one school could produce a constant flow of assholes but NC State has proven they can do it consistently.

Anonymous said...

yeah daddybrock

because UNC fans are so classy

especially during basketball season