Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crimson Tide almost never even got into the Alfy Hill chase

Alabama almost never even got into the mix for Alfy Hill.

“They had one last weekend when kids could come down there, and I was out of town, but one of our coaches decided to take him to Tuscaloosa as a birthday present,” said West Brunswick High coach Jimmy Fletcher a few minutes ago.

Hill, whose birthday is July 18, was blown away by the visit.

“I wasn’t even thinking about Alabama,” he said after Fletcher put him on the phone. “It was just more than I ever expected. I just didn’t expect it to be as nice as it was, in every way. And I liked the idea of playing in the SEC.”

Hill liked the academic support program, and he liked the fact that Alabama will use him as its Jack Linebacker, a sort of hybrid who will both rush the passer and drop into coverage, depending on the situation.

I said that should not be a problem with his 4.6-second speed in the 40, and Hill paused. “The last time I did a 40, my time was 4.49,” he said.

Keep in mind, this is a guy who is 6-foot-4 and a tricep or two over 250 pounds, which makes such speed ridiculously fast.

“They only have one other guy at the position,” Hill said. “The coaches said I should be able to get on the field next year as a freshman.

Hill said Alabama had been his leader for “a couple of months,” but the deal was sealed last week when he talked it over with his mother and received her approval.

Fletcher, of course, has watched this whole thing unfold.

“Both schools did a good job recruiting him,” Fletcher said, “But Alfy was amazed at just how important football was at Alabama. The support is phenomenal; football is king there.’

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

How was the college visit paid for by the coach or by a booster?

Anonymous said...

UNC's academic standards can't be that tough, Julius Peppers got in.

Anonymous said...

Should read, "UNC outbid by Alabama"

Anonymous said...

“But Alfy was amazed at just how important football was at Alabama. The support is phenomenal; football is king there."

Well, there you go. Is it basketball season yet at UNC-CH?

Anonymous said...

He still plans on taking official visits to UNC and others. This isn't over. Incomplete reporting, as usual.

Anonymous said...

"He still plans on taking official visits to UNC and others."

$anta Blake to the re$cue? LOL! Let it go, UNC-CH. ROLL TIDE!

Anonymous said...

Can high school assistant coaches, who may be a fan of a given school, pay for a possible recruit to go anywhere? The recruiting school can pay if it is an official visit, but I thought the kid or the family had to pay all expenses for an unofficial visit.

Anonymous said...

"It's not over yet." I am so tired of those frickin Tarheel losers thinking they have a chance after their guy makes one short visit and it is over for that friggin' basketball school. UNC is like 50th in recruiting this year and Butch should see that he can never recruit consistently with the SEC. UNC and all you losers who keep thinking you can, keep believing this bullshit. You can't recruit North Carolina anymore let alone against the likes of Alabama. You are a frickin basketball school only and you never won shit in baseball either. UNC tarholes suck!

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. We had a top 10 recruiting class. Even after losing a couple of recruits due to qualification issues, it's still been regarded as a top 30 class. Thanks for playing though.