Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No decision on where top prospect Gabe King will be allowed to play coming today

There will be no court session today to conclude the Gabe King vs. the North Carolina High School Athletic Association affair. All the participants are not available, a source close to the process said.

“Nothing will happen before next week at the earliest,” the source said.

The suit is an attempt to have King, a talented defensive end and the No.1 player on our NC Top 25 college prospects list, reinstated by the NCHSAA so that he can play his senior year at Northern Guilford High.

King was ruled ineligible after it was determined that he falsified his primary address in order to play at Northern Guilford last season.

Before the parties return to court, though, the plaintiffs’ attorney is believed to want a review of the previous decision by the NCHSAA’s executive board. If the decision is changed, the suit would be dropped.

But the NCHSAA likely feels it is on solid ground.

“The address was falsified, and there is no constitutional right to play high school football,” the source said.

It’s not like this will cost King his college career, or even affect it in a meaningful way. He has said he has received 45 scholarship offers, and none of them has been pulled from the table. He could attend a private school—such as Oak Hill Academy—play his season and accept an offer from any of them.

--Stan Olson

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