Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vols commit Willis will visit Miami, Cal Bears

Duncan (S.C.) Byrnes DE Brandon Willis said during a break at the North-South all-star game ijn Myrtle Beach that he plans to take two more visits, to Miami and California. Byrnes committed to Tennessee at mid-season, but then decided to take visits elsewhere after all.

Since then, he’s taken officials to North Carolina and UCLA.

“I'm still committed but I'm still open," Willis told our buddy Phil Kornblut. “I'll take two more visits to Miami and Cal. After that, I'll really for sure make my decision."

Willis was also asked about the NY Times story that “recruiting hostesses” from Tennessee showed up at a Byrnes game during the season.

“Yeah, I've heard about it but the things that happened weren't illegal,” he said. “We've already sat down (with the Vols’ staff) and talked about it. We'll see what happens.

"Nothing that happened was inappropriate. Of course, they are going to investigate because things like that happen.”

Willis said the investigation will not affect his thinking concerning Tennessee, adding that his commitment is “medium. I wouldn't say soft, I wouldn't say firm. It's in between.”

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

No news here, a player is using his free visits. Going to LA and Miami. Lots of player do it.The Observer Vols obsession continues.

Stan Olson said...

Actually, we are interested in Carolinas' players, wherever they go. And it's always news when a kid who is committed decides to take other visits.

The Observer's obsession with the Vols is all in your mind.

Willis, though is No.2 on our SC Top 25 prospects list, so we do have some interest in him...

Anonymous said...

Sure it is, do you know how many recruits are committd and still take visits? Why not report on the NCAA investigation of the LSU coach paying players? Its going on as we type. It broke just weeks ago. Its a much bigger violation then any potential Vols violation. Why no coverage of the Aubrun assaults? Did you cover the Florida players using the dead teammates credit card, how abiout the Florida player who shot up the apartment with an AK? I know the Florida situations are in the past, but my point is hostess situation has gotten more press from you then any of the other stories. I seriously think it would like to see you take thi story on and investigate the blogger and his other Pro Gator articles as well as what actually occured.

Stan Olson said...

Here's the thing you're missing. This is a CAROLINAS recruiting site. Tennessee is of interest because this reported incident took place at a CAROLINAS school, in a game that featured a number of The Observer's Top 25 SC prospects.

LSU bloggers and newspapers should care about that school's foibles. We don't have time to concern ourselves with them.

Nothing personal. We would have reported this case at Byrnes had it been Auburn or Florida or Alabama.

Anonymous said...

When you throw in the ExPats, its easy for one to assume the staff has a bias. I agree that Willis being a Carolina kid deserves to have a story on him, but to publish the same story over and over is a bit overboard. BTW A quick search on Thamel articles does make it clear the guy hs a bone to pick with Kiffin and UT. Stan if you get a minute I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Does this happen often in sports journalism?

Stan Olson said...

It happens all the time with non-newspaper blogs, but not nearly as much with newspaper stories, because the writers--even if they feel that way--have editors reading behind them who often catch that type of stuff.

So far this year, I've been accused of bias against UNC, N.C. State, Duke, Alabama, Michigan State (go figure) and most recently, Tennessee.

Stan Olson said...

Oh yeah, and East Carolina.