Saturday, December 19, 2009

Marcus Lattimore: Clemson, LSU still trying

Duncan (S.C.) Byrnes’ Marcus Lattimore may be the best running back in the nation, and as such, received 32 scholarship offers. He’s narrowed his choices to five—South Carolina, Auburn, Penn State, Oregon and Georgia.
But everyone hasn’t given up.
“LSU is still recruiting me, and Clemson—those two, mainly,” Lattimore said.
So how does he handle it?
Lattimore grinned and said, “I really just don’t pick up the phone.”
He said saying no to so many teams has been the hardest part of the recruiting process.
“That’s been very tough. I mean, they’re all great schools, and all great coaches. But some of them were just not the right fit for me. I could go to any of those schools and be happy, so it’s hard.”
Any school get mad when he dumped them?
“They didn’t get mad; they just said they’re not gonna stop recruiting me,” he said, smiling again.
“I can’t wait until it’s over.”

--Stan Olson

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