Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gamecocks to offer Brantley along with Tar Heels?

We wondered how our old friend Tehvyn Brantley, the Durham Mt. Zion Academy kid who toured the country hitting camps and combines last summer, was doing, so we called dad Leroy to check in.

He was, as always, enthusiastic.

“We just finished making his highlight tape, and it’s incredible, just incredible,” the elder Brantley said.

He added that South Carolina is considering offering Tehvyn but is waiting for his transcript.

“They will have it in a couple of days,” Leroy said. “Everything’s good. He has a solid B average, he’s taken the ACT and has qualified on that; everything is in order.

North Carolina
has offered Brantley, whose 5-foot-8 height has been a deterrent to many schools. Leroy said that Eastern Michigan has also called recently. The Tar Heels, though, are currently the only BCS school with an offer on the table.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

“They will have it in a couple of days,” Leroy said.

This sounds familiar. Hasn't he said this a few times? I thought it was mentioned a few months ago and that UNC was waiting before they officially offered.

Anonymous said...

That must be one complicated transcript. UNC asked for it months ago and it never arrived (hence why, despite what is stated in this article, Brantley does NOT have an offer from UNC).

Anonymous said...

He has a verbal offer, which UNC would honor if he chose them; however UNC is not actively recruiting him. His issue with the transcript is intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Brantley does not have a committable offer from Carolina.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many of the blogs keep getting posted. Either some kid's dad or coach calls up the sports desk and tells them about some kid who is being recruited by all these big schools or my personal favorite, the kid whose coach thought he outplayed some kid UNC signed at a camp, so an offer was without a doubt coming for him too. Newsflash, form letters don't mean you're getting recruited. Being at a camp doesn't mean you are being recruited. Playing in front of coaches who are recruiting a kid on the other team, doesn't mean you are being recruited.
My cousin is really fast (5.2 40 time) and he's a really shifty running back. He managed to dodge a bee that was in his vicinity and Butch Davis happened to see this. He told my cousin, "Nice move". Obviously, we are waiting on pins and needles for his scholarship to come in the mail.

Anonymous said...

BTW--Here is a comment from this blog's interview with Brantley father dated 11/16:

"South Carolina has verbally offered, and is supposed to make that official after receiving his transcript today."

Almost a month later, USC is still waiting on that transcript that was in the mail on 11/16.

What a piece of work these two are.

Anonymous said...

Tar Heels have not offered, nor will they. What a joke of a blog this is. Please stop.

Stan Olson said...

To all those who believe UNC has not offered young mr. brantley, check out, which most of you consider an authority on Heels recruiting. That would be a "Yes" under "offer" by Brantley's name.

Anonymous said...

Stan, you do realize that the "Yes" you mentioned has nothing at all to do with Inside Carolina right?

You can go to Oregon's Scout page and pull up Brantley's profile and it will say the same thing as what happens if you go to Inside Carolina.

Any player can claim to have an offer from a school and it show up as a "Yes". Likewise, sometimes a "No" has been there when in fact a school has offered.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Stan but you made yourself look like a dipshit on this one. Atleast borrow a members login name and password to check the facts before you get pissy and do not report the truth. If you go to any team sites they have it divided up as "on the radar" prospects that have a chance at a written offer, prospects with offer, and prospects with offer/commited to other teams. You and his dad need to keep up the good work so A&T will jump to offer!

Anonymous said...

Oh Stan-your number was just called. Are you going to answer. What a dipwad for a sports reporter!

Happy to Help said...

Stan, let me try to clear this up for you. I believe you are referring to Brantley's profile:

This is maintained by Scout, not IC, is likely based only on info from the recruit and his camp, and sometimes isn't updated too often. Also, note that even this profile now indicates that Brantley does not have a UNC offer.

IC, on the other hand, gets their info from sources closer to the UNC program, in addition to the recruits. Here is their recruiting board; click on the WR tab and you will see that Brantley is listed as "On the radar," meaning that he does not have an offer:

At one time he was listed as having an offer on this board, but that has not been the case for months now.

Stan Olson said...

Guys, I was on IC last night, and it said at the time that he had been offered.

This is where my basic info came from. A while back, I talked to both the kid and the dad. They said that the kid had been invited to sit down with Butch Davis and that Davis told him how the team would use him and made the offer. Then we got into all the transcripts. When I talked to the dad again a couple of days ago, I asked if the offer was still good of if they had pulled. He said it was "absolutely" still solid and on the table. Since college coaches are not allowed to comment on such things, that's what I went with.

Anonymous said...

Stan, did you ask his dad if UNC had the transcript yet?

Happy to Help said...

The only places on IC that would have said he had an offer would be either his profile, which I linked above, or if you clicked under Football Recruiting on "Prospects," which brings up a list of prospects. The info on this list is populated automatically from his Scout profile (i.e. not IC), and this is where you would have seen "Yes" under "Offer" (before Scout changed his profile within the past day to indicate he no longer has a UNC offer).

Believe me, I check IC regularly, they have had him without an offer for quite a while (a couple of months maybe) on their recruiting board.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan, check back now on his profile page. What does it say? Yes or No??

Just because his dad told you he had an offer, doesn't mean he's blowing you know what up your know what.

Since you also rely on his profile page as fact, don't you think it's curious that the #193 ranked WR in the country has schools such as USC, UCLA, Cal, Ariz St, UNC, Oregon as "schools of interest"??

Anonymous said...

Good to see someone put Stan in his place. He is truly a one-sided reporter, showing his personal feelings and bias by what he reports...go bloggers..continue to call him