Friday, December 11, 2009

Oregon Ducks OC hits area schools this week

Oregon offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich zipped through Charlotte Monday, hitting a number of area schools on the only day he planned to be in North Carolina.

He went to Wadesboro’s Anson High to see big-time junior linebacker Stephone Anthony, hit Marvin Ridge to check out wide receiver K.J. Brent and linebacker Vinnie Sunseri--both also juniors—and also stopped by Butler to look at the championship game’s raft of young talent lead by juniors Christian LeMay (QB) and Kris Frost (LB).

All this came from a helpful and very reliable source.

Apparently, the Ducks don’t plan to be one-quack wonders in the Carolinas; they hope to stick around for awhile.

--Stan Olson

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