Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hampton hopes to choose between SC, Volunteers

Darlington cornerback Victor Hampton, who 6 months ago was committed to Florida and being counted on to lead Independence’s defense, now says he is planning to choose between South Carolina and Tennessee.

Patriots coach Tom Knotts kicked Hampton off the team prior to the season, and sources said the player simply had run out of chances to follow the rules there. With that, Florida backed off as well.

has avoided problems at Darlington, and recently told South Carolina recruiting expert Phil Kornblut that he will take no more visits. He plans to announce his pick between the Gamecocks and Volunteers at January’s Army all-American all-star game in January.

“I've seen all the schools I've wanted to see, so I don't see any reason to set any other visits," Hampton said. He added that Tennessee has increased its recruiting pressure recently.

Still, he said he doesn’t currently have a favorite between the schools.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

were the hostesses' a factor in his Volunteer possibility?

maybe the signs made him want to go there

jrguyiii said...

He'll fit right in with those 2 schools, the Oakland Raiders of the NCAA! Spurrier and Kiffen are 2of the best disciplinarians of our generation. How long before we here his name on the police blotter?

Anonymous said...

probably around the same time that you are able to differentiate "hear" and "here."

Anonymous said...

yes kiffin is so horrible, decreasing the amount of problems at Tennessee and increasing the gpa to record numbers and going to the peach bowl, clearly he's horrible and a horrible disciplinarian by kicking the two guys off the team that were the problem. Go back to your basement of your parents house, did you "here" any more ridiculous reports about anything?