Friday, December 4, 2009

Football Recruiting Database 5.0 is active today

Our new Football Recruiting Database (or FRED) is active, thanks to tech guru Dave Enna. Since 4.0, we’ve added about 65 more players from seven or eight schools.

The new additions that I can remember are Asheville, Belmont South Point, Union (S.C.) and North Rowan. Also, we’ve added a number of players to our Charlotte Country Day list.

If your school is in North or South Carolina but not in our database, either get your coach to email me at, or send me his cell number (or school office number) and I’ll get up with him and get your recruitable players in the FRED.

Most coaches have been great. A few, not so much. But FRED wants everyone. Help us out.

Check out the database.

--Stan Olson

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