Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tar Heels' 2010 Class national ranking plummets

North Carolina’s recent loss of two highly rated recruits has pushed UNC into a dramatic fall in the national rankings.

The Tar Heels had been gradually climbing the list and had pushed their way up to No.34 when last we blogged on this, back on Dec. 7.

Then, in the middle of the month, InsideCarolina reported that highly-rated Tar Heel commitments Johnnie Farms, a big offensive lineman, and running back Jerrell Rhodes were denied admission to North Carolina.

Military Academy
, where both players were attempting to improve their academics, dismissed Farms from school, prompting UNC to refuse to admit him. And Rhodes was also turned down by North Carolina, for unspecified conduct violations.

The result of all this turmoil?

The Tar Heels’ Class of 2010 has plummeted all the way down to No.53 nationally, and 10th in the 12-team ACC, ahead of only Virginia (No.62) and Duke (No.63).

Ironically, both players were originally signed for the Class of 2009, helping make that group a top ten bunch.

North Carolina
still has a number of key targets out there (Kareem Martin, Ethan Farmer, Sharrif Floyd, etc.) that could dramatically improve that standing. But if coach Butch Davis doesn’t finish strong, this could be a class to forget.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha....looks like the UNC brass has started to have enough of the thugs that are beginning to invade their campus. Stabbings and shootings in bars, drug bust, is just too much for a small town like CH.

Two years for BD is gone. Cannot win football games with Mamma boys. If BD cannot get those dudes into school, he will have to leave.

Anonymous said...

NCar has no shot at Shariff Floyd, and I highly doubt they get Farmer, although their odds aren't as bad.

Looks like more suck football from NCar for a while.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58, these are neither accurate statements about our players nor about Butch's standing at the university nor even about how contracts work for major programs. You're dumb.

Anonymous said...

Just two recruits. Butch has a plan, stick with him. We need everyone including the Walmart fans to support him and the new stadium additions.

Anonymous said...

It's all going down the drain for Coach Davis. This is NOT the Carolina way!!! Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

You people posting on here are idiots... I just love to read the anti-Carolina slosh you all keep spewing. If top ten classes were that important, how come Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and BC are the ones playing for the title? Give me a break...

Anonymous said...

It's okay - THey'll end up at South Carolina and on the police blotter soon enough.

Anonymous said...

There is way too much emphasis put on class ranking. You had better hope that your coaches can evaluate talent better than the "gurus". Cincinnati has not had a top 50 recruiting class in the last 4 years (102, 89, 67, 60), and they are undefeated! NC State's Russel Wilson was a 2 star recruit as was TJ Yates and Brandon Tate at Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Let's see this blog after both the Army AA Bowl and NSD. Also, for the uninformed, Carolina is only recruiting a limited number this year. Also, for the uninformed, numbers signed bear heavily in determining class ranking (unless you are USC or Fla, where they typically average four star recruits).

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with the previous poster. Rankings have just as much to do with the size of the class as it does the "stars" of each player. If one wants to look at individual talent UNC has mostly 3 and above in those 12 signed-- also are waiting on several 4 and above. UNC is fine they just dont have that many spots available this year. Lastly, while these rankings are often indcative of how good a student could potentially be it is no measure of how well they will be. Colt McCoy was a 2 star qb and was a heisman candidate.

I love how the state fans are ripping BD and company but the fact remains he has UNC moving in the right direction. TOB has yet to have an overall winning season at state! Still dont understand why he left Boston COllege after 2 9-3 seasons and had an incredible team coming back.

college sports recruiting websites said...

I'm not sure why you keep coming here and making personal attacks on me, but, if you must, at least get your facts straight. You claim it was "a typical blogger fact" despite the fact that if you followed the links, the info is from a NY Times article.