Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coach: Shembo likely to stay with Notre Dame

After talking Tuesday with Notre Dame commitment Kendall Moore of Southeast Raleigh High and learning that he will now look at other schools in the wake of the firing of Irish coach Charlie Weis, I also called fellow linebacker and ND commitment Prince Shembo of Ardrey Kell.

I haven’t reached Shembo yet—he texts but apparently doesn’t check his voice mail—but I just spoke with Ardrey Kell coach Marty Woolbright. He thinks Shembo will stick with Notre Dame.

“He committed to Notre Dame, the school, not to Charlie Weis,” Woolbright said. “He wants to be a Notre Dame guy. His family likes the school as well.

“Back when recruiting was going on, I told him to look around as much as he wanted, but when he committed, ‘You’ve given your word, and that’s your bond.

“When you make that decision, that’s it.”

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

That's a little rough when the school has fired most of what you have seen as normal. I think it warrants looking around.

Anonymous said...

He owes it to himself to look around more. The coach isn't everything, but a big part of his commitment.

MichaelProcton said...

If you guys think Weis had ANYTHING to do with the defense, you're sorely misguided.

Anonymous said...

His Coach and Weis have something in common.....they have both already coached their last game at their respective schools