Monday, November 2, 2009

SEC dominating football recruiting--so far

We’ve given you periodic updates on ACC recruiting rankings of the Class of 2010, courtesy of Here’s a quick check of where SEC schools stand—and I know there’s plenty of interest in college football’s best league, because I hear from its supporters all the time.

While Oklahoma, Texas and Penn State (good for Joe Pa) hold the top three spots, the SEC claims Nos. 4 through 8, giving it—duh—five of the top eight classes so far. The schools are LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, or almost half of the 12-team league.

No ACC team is currently among the Top 15, with Miami highest at No. 16.

And where is the rest of the SEC?

’s class is 24th, followed by surprising Vanderbilt—normally a league cupcake—at 26, and South Carolina at 29. Then come Arkansas (48), Mississippi St. (50), Ole Miss (56) and Kentucky (61).

Every school in the league could finish with a top 50 class if things break right.

Scout ranks the SEC as the No.1 league by a wide margin, followed by the Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-10. The ACC is fifth. More telling, perhaps, is that the SEC has already landed 19 of Scout’s top 100 prospects. The ACC has four.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see where Lattimore, the RB out of Duncan, chooses to play. It will be a major get for any team.

Stan Olson said...

Huge in particular for North or South Carolina, both of whom could really use a bigtime RB in trying to take the next step...

Gene said...

You do have to have the best players to be the best, but how much can you rely rated classes? Cincinnati, # 4 AP and undefeated, has not had a class in the top 75 in years. Their best class was last year, with one 4 star recruit. I think you could use Ole Roy's philosophy, "First character, and then speed.", and not go too far afield.
It would be great to get Marcus Lattimore and Sharrif Floyd at UNC.

Reid said...

Stan, what do you think the chances are for UNC getting Marcus Lattimore and/or Shariff Floyd?