Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barnes announcement on TV

College basketball fans will be able to see top-ranked basketball recruit Harrison Barnes announce his school decision Friday - if they have ESPN-U.

Officials at Ames High in Iowa, where Barnes is a student, have issued a news release saying Barnes will announce at 4 p.m. Friday.

A 6-foot-6 forward, Barnes is considering Duke, North Carolina, Iowa State, Kansas, Oklahoma and UCLA. He is rated the top prospect in the nation by scout.com.

Barnes also will sign his letter of intent Friday, according to his mother, Shirley Barnes. The early signing period for college basketball begins Wednesday.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

dook fans need not watch.

Anonymous said...

You saw it here...Kansas or Iowa State is where he will end up. Sorry for us here in the Carolina-Duke bubble as both would love to have him and we would love to see him play just a few hours away. Well, we cant win all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:08. You're right. No need for us Duke fans to watch. It's a far gone conclusion of many "in the know" that he's going to announce his intention to play at Duke. Don't ya just hate it Butt Hole, er I mean, Tar Hole fans???

Unknown said...

No, most Tar Heel fans I know are still enjoying last year's title and both victories over dook. Remember how dook was outcoached and crushed 77-54by Villanova in the tournament as Henderson went 1 for like 14 from the floor? The Tar Heels crushed Villanova in the Final Four.

Wade said...

Unconfirmed rumors have him going to UNC.

It doesn't matter anyway. He is one and done. Besides, even with Barnes, Duke still would have less talent than UNC. For every good player Coach K gets, Roy gets 2. Until that changes, Duke will play second fiddle to UNC.