Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miami's Hurricanes blowing ACC's doors off

We thought it was time to check in with our boys at and take a quick run through their Class of 2010 football recruiting rankings. They start and end with Miami, despite the fact that the Hurricanes haven’t had the best of seasons.

Miami is easily the league’s recruiting leader for the class that will sign on Feb. 3. The ‘Canes are ranked No.9 nationally (behind five straight SEC squads), far ahead of the ACC’s next offering, Clemson at No.24. It remains to be seen whether North Carolina’s home victory over Miami on a big recruiting weekend eventually helps to trim that margin.

Right now, the Tar Heels are a lackluster 39th on the list—although keep in mind the fact that they are only taking 19 players after a huge class last year. But also remember that they would not be as high as 39 if not for OG Johnnie Farms, one of their two four-star commitments. Farms actually committed to North Carolina’s 2009 class and contributed to its high rating, but didn’t qualify and attended prep school. He’s now recommitted and apparently now UNC gets to count him again.

That said, Tar Heels coach Butch Davis has a reputation as a closer, and North Carolina will likely climb from its current spot.

N.C. State, which has had its best in-state recruiting season in years, is 31st overall. Wake Forest, which struggled early, has gradually improved its class and is a slot ahead of UNC at No.38. And Duke, which started fast, has cooled off a bit and is rated 57th.

And the rest of the ACC? Virginia Tech is just behind Clemson at 26th. Other non-Carolinas’ league members rank as follows: Florida State (33), Georgia Tech (36), Boston College (37), Maryland (50) and Virginia (74).

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

too bad Randy Shannon is a terrible coach. We've seen this happen for years in ACC basketball, Paul Hewitt at GT is a great recruiter but lousy coach.

I hope Shannon stays around for years to come.

The Reid said...

Remember this about UNC. Butch is recruting a lot of highly touted guys who are waiting to commit to a school. He's a fantastic closer and should get some of these highly touted guys to join the party and become Tar Heels. That bodes well for North Carolina.