Monday, November 16, 2009

Gamecocks' Gerald Dixon produces two more GDs

Some of you may remember South Carolina Gerald Dixon, who starred for the Gamecocks at linebacker and played in the NFL.

also had two sons—by different mothers and five months apart—and named each of them Gerald. Both of the sons got dad’s genes, and are highly recruited juniors in the Rock Hill area.

The Rock Hill South Pointe Gerald Dixon is 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds, a dominant DE. The Rock Hill Northwestern Gerald Dixon is 6-4 and 290 pounds, and should be a force at DT.

With daddy Gerald often taking the younger Geralds to Columbia for Gamecocks’ games—any of this remind you of George ForemanSouth Carolina has to be considered the early leader for both “little Geralds.”

Look for one or possibly both on our first-ever SC Top 25 Junior Prospects list, coming Thanksgiving Day. And not a turkey in the bunch.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

Two kids from two different mothers, 5 months apart, both named Gerald ? Stay classy, Dixon, stay classy.

Anonymous said...

Those are the ones we know about...