Monday, November 16, 2009

Gamecocks pass Tar Heels in Brantley's eyes

Our guy Tehvyn Brantley, whom we tracked throughout the summer as he made a nationwide tour of summer camps, was at South Carolina on an unofficial visit for the Gamecocks’ battle with Florida.

Now his dad Leroy says South Carolina has passed North Carolina and taken the No.1 position, as far as Tehvyn is concerned.

“We had a great time Saturday,” Leroy said. “That atmosphere, with 80,000 people screaming, was unbelievable. South Carolina has the big boys, they just lack playmakers. And Tehvyn is a playmaker.”

He was at Durham Mt. Zion this season, and finished with 26 TDs and 2,400 all-purpose yards after being shifted from wide receiver to QB at midseason.

North Carolina
has offered, and supposedly as a spot left for Brantley, according to his dad. South Carolina has verbally offered, and is supposed to make that official after receiving his transcript today.

“Other schools are asking for film as well; Oregon State, UCLA, some others,” Leroy said. “But right now, South Carolina is definitely No.1.”

--Stan Olson

Got recruiting goodies--offers, visits, commits? I want '


Anonymous said...

Yeah - "South Carolina has the big boys" is real bright. Too bad he has poor observation skills. 0-4 in their recent skid and they had the most talented Gamecock team in years. If you watched both games (UF vs USC and UM vs UNC), you would have to say your kid would be much better off at UNC where they are beating some of the best and not simply playing some of the best. Good luck to this kid whose father is not all together doing his kid justice on the decision. If he wants a better team from South Carolina, he should look at Clemson who is probably playing as well as any team in the country (hate to say it, but probably true).

Anonymous said...

note to Brantley, the Tar Heels passed on YOU a long time ago. Why the Obvserver mentions Carolina (the real one) and Brantley in the same breath anymore is beyond me. The Heels haven't recruited him since the summer when they got his transcripts. You do the math.

Anonymous said...

I wish the best for Brantley, but there is no way the Heels offer is still good. The commitments from Felder and Wilkins had to close off the offer to Brantley.

Anonymous said...

^Yup. his dad needs to give it up. Carolina hasn't been on Brantley in months. Never get your recruiting info from a newspaper.

Stan Olson said...

Hey, Brantley has been someone we needed to follow up on because of his remarkable summer of camp trips. The Heels may indeed have backed off of him, but in this case, I have to go with what his dad tells me.

Anonymous said...

You should really start working to confirm information, prior to publishing. UNC's recruitment of Brantley ended a good while ago and that wasn't exactly a closely-guarded secret.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like after all ole dad's efforts he's still going to be Larry Raper's roomie at A&T!

Anonymous said...

Great, now when Brantley commits elsewhere and passes on that nonexistent "offer" from UNC, I guess we can look forward to another post from Mr. Olson about how it's a "slap in the face" to Butch Davis.

Anonymous said...

The kid and his dad knows big boy football when he sees it and you sure as hell aren't gonna see it in that high school dump you Tarholes play in. I absolutely can not wait til you bunch of a$$holes come to williams brice and take another beating like you did in chapel hill. We love smacking teams like you and NCSU in the mouth which by the way the beating they laid on you last year was embarrassing.