Monday, November 16, 2009

New recruiting database should be up this week

We’re trying to find final stats for a number of players; if you have them, pop them to me. And we’re just about to push our total players in the database over 800.

Right now, though, I’m primarily working on a list of the Top 50 junior prospects in the Carolinas, 25 from each state. These rankings will be published Thanksgiving Day, and the players involved will eventually make up much of our Top 50 Class of 2011 lists next season.

If you know of a deserving junior, let me know at

The final 2010 list will be published around Feb.3, National Signing Day for college football.

*I had someone ask me, what “all levels” means in the database’s “considering (schools)” category. Basically, that we haven’t figured out the level of college competition the player will be able to handle yet, but that at this time, he appears to have the potential to play at the highest level (BCS schools). That potential, though, must be converted to on-field skills for that to happen.

--Stan Olson

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