Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check out Elizabeth City freshman Raekwon Harney; after all, everyone else will

It’s not that unusual when a backup quarterback fills in for an injured starter for one game. It’s a bit more unusual when he throws for three touchdowns and over 200 yards, and runs for 100 more. And it’s, well, exceedingly rare when the fill-in QB who does that well is a freshman.

But that’s what Elizabeth City ninth-grader Raekwon Harney did in his varsity debut this season. Then it was back to the junior varsity, where he finished the season leading an undefeated team and accounting for (passing and running) 30 TDs.

“That wasn’t a surprise; he hasn’t lost a game since the sixth grade,” said varsity coach Antonio Moore. “In middle school, his team only failed to score on four possessions all year.”

Harney is already 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds, and already one of the fastest players in the program.

“He’s also quick, and the type of player who can stop on a dime,” Moore said. “You give him the ball and they just can’t touch him.”

Don’t expect Harney to start at QB for the varsity next year; the school already has a quality player at the position in 6-5 junior Terry Williams. “Raekwon will push him, though,” said Moore, who will likely use Harney at another skill position while he waits to move under center.

Making things more interesting is the fact that Harney is also a remarkable basketball point guard; already a starter and a kid Moore believes will average 20 points a game.

Of course, as a freshman, it’s a bit early for the recruiters to be looking at him, right?

“Are you kidding?” Moore said. “They’re looking at him now.”

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