Tuesday, November 3, 2009

N.C. Shrine team takes 13 of The Observer’s Top 25 Prospects; why don't more make the team?

In each case, there are reasons, and the primary one is that our list is a ranking of kids in the state with the highest potential to be great college football players. The North Carolina Shrine Bowl coaches want great high school players, and sometimes there’s a difference between the two.

For example, Butler S/WR Nate Charest hasn’t been offered by a BCS school to this point, despite the fact that he’s a marvelous prep player, always around the football and making plays. That wasn’t lost on Shrine head coach Jim Oddo and his assistants. What wasn’t lost on the BCS big boys is that Charest is, listed generously, at 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, with good but not great speed.

Oddo took Charest because he thinks he can help N.C. win. The big boys aren’t so sure he can do that for them.

There are other reasons that truly talented members of our Top 25 haven’t been “enshrined.” Former No.1 guy Gabe King moved to Oregon. No. 4 Fre’Shad Hunter of Cary has been suspended for much of the season. Ardrey Kell LB Prince Shembo hasn’t had a good senior season because of lingering injuries.

“And there are some kids who are very talented but just don’t fit in with what we want to do,” Oddo said.

We'll look at the S.C. squad shortly.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

“And there are some kids who are very talented but just don’t fit in with what we want to do,” Oddo said.

Coach speak: This kid doesn't play for one of my coaching buddies.

Anonymous said...

How about this excuss. "That kid's parents hasn't given a lot of money to the booster club" So I'll pick the rich kid, and since he has a litte brother on the team, we want to make sure the money keeps flowing- no matter how average the player is.
Go puppies Go!!

One Indy player was cheated, so was East, AK, MP and yes even a couple of puppies as well.

And you wonder why S.C. whips us all the time.- What a joke!

NCFootball said...

Where's Alfy Hill? That's ridiculous