Friday, November 6, 2009

Carolinas' juniors: So who will be No.1 in SC, NC?

There are plenty of candidates, and our first-ever juniors ranking is currently scheduled for Thanksgiving Day. We originally planned to put this first list of the 25 best in each of North and South Carolina in alphabetical order, but I’m thinking about going rogue and ranking them by number, even though it’s so early and bound to change.

But trying to make numerical sense of this mishmash will also make it fun. We can debate it all winter. So I’ll do that—unless I chicken out.

Right now, S.C.’s No.1 junior is almost sure to be Rock Hill South Pointe DE Jadeveon Clowney, a 6-foot-6 beast who is almost unstoppable. While there are other candidates, they will have to make great strides to catch him by Thanksgiving.

In N.C., there seem to be several viable choices, starting with Butler QB Christian LeMay. Check out this stat: LeMay has thrown 25 TD passes so far—with one interception. I’ve seen him a bunch this season, and he’s legit.

But he isn’t a lock; Wadesboro Anson LB Stephone Anthony is also drawing national attention and could turn out to be The Man in the state. Or it might be Norkeithus Otis, the rapidly-improving LB at Gastonia Ashbrook.

Anyway, it will be fun. I’ve always said that guys like lists, and alphabetical order lists take no chances; they’re boring.

Feel free to toss in your thoughts on No.1.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

Clowney is the best junior player in the nation.