Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Football Recruiting Database 4.0 up & running

We keep improving this sucker; a bunch more teams added since 3.0, and we’re up to 813 players. I plan to be over 1,000 by the new year. If you see inaccuracies, email me at solson@charlotteobserver.com and we’ll correct them for our next FRD edition.

The cool thing about this is that for every school I contact, there seems to be at least one remarkably interesting story. Today I talked to Watauga High coach Tim Pruitt, and he told me about massive junior OT Aaron Walker, whose goal is to become a welder and whose target is the Newport News Apprentice school, or the Shipbuilders, as they are known on athletic fields.

Of course, if bigger schools decide he’s a keeper, that could change things. “He could always learn welding afterward,” Pruitt said.

Stay tuned; the next FRD (maybe we should call it “Fred”) isn’t that far off. If you know of a missing school or player—and at this point there are many—let me know.

--Stan Olson

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