Friday, April 17, 2009

Recruiting gets a little crazier

This week began a four-week stretch in which college recruiters can go to high schools to assess prospects. They can go to any individual school twice over this period, once to check on a player's academics and another time to judge his athletic ability and football skills.

Kids, that should give you some idea of who all those guys hanging out in the film room with your coaches are. And while the recruiters are limited to two visits at any one school, they'll be packing as many prep stops as possible into a hectic month.

Those who have North Carolina as part of their territory, for instance, will make sure not to miss Independence High, where CB Victor Hampton leads a bushel of almost-ready-for-prime time prospects. Hampton has already committed to Florida, but in recruiting, committed is not the same as signed, and rest assured that many other schools haven't given up on him yet.

There are also plenty of other high school hotshots in the area, so recruiters won't just swing by Independence and call it a day. How about running over to Lake Norman High to see lineman Kane Sherrill? Or stopping by Butler to see wide receiver Nate Charest? And we're not too far from Mallard Creek; let's say hello to guard Devin Flowers.

I guess this has always been a fairly crazy time, but now with all the recruiting services and analysts generating a publicity crush, it seems as if another top-flight prospect is making his decision every day.--Stan Olson

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