Friday, April 24, 2009

Cary heavyweight picks N.C. State

Eloheim Palma of Cary, a national high school heavyweight wrestling champion, has signed with N.C. State.

Palma may be the most highly decorated high school wrestler ever in North Carolina. He won senior nationals at Virginia Beach, Va., earlier this spring after placing in the top three in the junior and sophomore championships in previous years.

He was a three-time N.C. High School Athletic Association champion.

"When you think of all the high school wrestlers in the state, he probably is the most decorated," said Cary coach Jerry Winterton. "He had an unbelievable career."

Palma was a national recruiting target and had several offers, including one from defending national champion Iowa. But he chose to stay close to home.

"I think the chance to stay here and to continue to work out with his brother were big factors in his decision," Winterton said.

Jainor Palma was an Atlantic Coast Conference heavyweight champion at State.

"Eloheim was able to work out with his brother a lot," Winterton said. "I think that was a big factor in Eloheim's success."

-- Tim Stevens

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