Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another area kid making a splash

In today's Observer, we told you about Butler High QB Christian LeMay, who is still just a sophomore but is making a huge splash at spring camps and combines. The rising junior may be one of the nation's top prospects at his position next year.

The Charlotte area, though, has more standouts-in-waiting than just LeMay. For instance, Ardrey Kell high running back Justice Pickett (the names don't get much better than that).

Pickett sent a spark through Sunday's Scout.com combine at West Charlotte High when he first broad-jumped a fine 9'4," but then pushed his mark to 10'2" with his second leap, a remarkable 10-inch increase.

"You just don't see that, an increase that large after a good first jump," said Scout.com scouting director Scott Kennedy.

Pickett is 5-10, 169 and a rising junior, so he has time to grow. Even if he doesn't, he can add the pounds needed to be a solid collegiate RB.

Oh, and keep an eye on WR Kris Frost, who is LeMay's teammate and also in the class of 2011. Already 6-3 and 200 pounds, he should be a prime target for LeMay this fall.

--Stan Olson

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