Monday, April 20, 2009

Florida coach has Wall fever

Billy Donovan once showed up at Broughton High School parking lot to wave to Shavlik Randolph.

The Florida coach is back in the Triangle in recruiting mode, apparently searching for John Wall (850 the Buzz) at a Starbucks.

Wall Fever (patent pending) is sweeping the nation from Coach K to Manhattan tourists to contract lawyers. Still no word, or even a timetable, for Wall's decision. Seeing as how his list of colleges has expanded in the past month — from Kentucky, Miami and UNC to the University of Phoenix and DeVry Institute — there's no end in sight.

Actually, he can take his sweet time with his college choice (assuming he qualifies). He can wait all the way until the first day of classes for the fall semester (some time in August). If he decides the challenge the NBA, and he said that's not his plan, he would have to do that by Sunday.

Post script on Donovan: After forward Alex Tyus decided to transfer, Donovan delivered the money quote in regard to the exodus from Florida's program in the past 12 months — "In all reality, we lost a player or two players off two NIT teams."

Now that's how you say goodbye in Gainesville, no soft-shoe release from the school with a fabricated quote from the coach wishing so-and-so good luck.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

just goes to show what a tool billy "eddie munster" donovaon is

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