Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raleigh's Wall to visit N.C. Central

The recruitment of John Wall, the top high school basketball point guard recruit in the country, took another twist Thursday when Wall planned an unofficial visit to N.C. Central.

Wall has known and worked with new Eagles coach LeVelle Moton for years. Wall plans to visit the Durham campus on Friday.

"I want to find out what a historically black school has to offer," Wall said Thursday night. "This is a visit to find out some things."

Wall had planned to trim his list of eight schools to three or four by Friday, but, "truthfully, it looks like it is going to be Monday now," Wall said.

Wall currently has N.C. State, Baylor, Kentucky, Miami, Duke, Kansas, Memphis and Florida on his list. He said there are no leaders, not any group of leaders.

He said internet reports that he had cut his list to Kentucky, Miami, Duke and Florida were erroneous.

"I have not told anyone a group of leaders," he said. "In my mind, the schools are even."

-- Tim Stevens


Anonymous said...

Good for him!!!! Explore all options and HBCUs are often not considered options for top recruits. These schools offer valuable experiences that only one that has attended could appreciate.

Anonymous said...

valuable experiences like?

Anonymous said...

"valuable experience like"
Experiences like cultural similarities, experience of playing with a coach he has respect and known for some time, experience like playing at home and allowing his entire family to watch him play and cant forget the homecoming experience. we all know he is going major DI i think its great he is even taking a visit and bringing some exposure to the MEAC.

Anonymous said...

"valuable experiences like"
Experiences that go beyond a football field, basketball court, track, etc. and these experiences do provide valuable lessons which are needed later in life when the crowds and fans are no longer screaming your name. Don't get me wrong...I wish this young man the best regardless where he decides to play basketball and get his education. Wishing him continued success!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it sounds like he can get all those same "experiences" at any triangle school. I only ask because I hear that same "experiences" statement A LOT. But having lots of friends that went to HBCU's, by their account, the only "experiences" I missed by not going to an HBCU was the good cafeteria food. I'm with ya 100% though, it goes along way for him to even look their way. I have a close friend that works at NCCU so I got love for the Eagles.