Friday, January 29, 2010

Pack gets big commit from SC running back

N.C. State has secured a commitment from a highly-regarded running back prospect who could help immediately in a backfield that has little proven talent returning.

Mustafa Greene of Lexington, S.C., has committed to N.C. State according to Bob Hanna, his coach at Irmo High. Greene is 6-foot and 205 pounds and is the No. 11 senior overall in South Carolina in The Charlotte Observer's rankings.

"He's a great running back," Hanna said. "He's got size, strength, quickness, speed. He's a legit player."

Despite missing nearly all of six games last season with a high ankle sprain, Greene rushed for 1,367 yards and 18 touchdowns in eight games and averaged more than eight yards per carry. He was selected to represent South Carolina in the Shrine Bowl, and had the Wolfpack and Rutgers as his two finalists.

Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina were among the other schools that recruited Greene, but he only visited Rutgers and N.C. State. Hanna said Greene runs with both speed and power.

"He doesn't mind running over you," Hanna said. "He's a big kid. He'll make one move or one cut and get north and south."

N.C. State needs help in the backfield because its top rushers in 2009, Toney Baker and Jamelle Eugene, were seniors. Baker was granted an extra year of eligibility because of injuries earlier in his career, but decided to leave school and enter the NFL draft.

Sophomores James Washington (who will be returning from injury) and Brandon Barnes, and veteran Curtis Underwood are among the players who will be competing for the starting running back position for the Wolfpack.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

"Highly regarded" running back? Visited Rutgers and NC State, no interest from Clemson and South Carolina? Hmm. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

He is an incredibly good RB and he will be very good at State if he makes it in there. There was no interest from USC or Clem because everyone knows that Greene is not going to have the grades to make it in to school.

Also, USC is putting all of their eggs in the Marcus Lattimore basket.

But, the kid can ball.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, think about his offers from both Alabama and Georgia. Those didn't mean a thing since we know they don't evaluate talent anywhere near as well as the powerhouses of SC do. And can't get into SC? C'mon give me a break, it doesn't get much easier.

Good pickup for the pack.

Anonymous said...

sorry but UNC backed off on this guy a long time ago and now has a very good rb coming in themselves

Anonymous said...

Given UNC's track record of recruits not panning out or even making it there to begin with, it's no concern what they do.

Remind me how many of UNC's last class actually enrolled? How did that 'superstar' QB Paulus pan out?

Anonymous said...

I'll take Gio.

Anonymous said...

Bottomline - UNC is a douche bag school, with douche bag attitudes which creates douchebag students/alums/fans. Name one kid at your high school that was "cool" that went to UNC. There wasn't one. Just a bunch of dorks smiling with Mike Jordan jerseys. They don't "get" sports because they never played them. Thats why tailgating is non-existent, football games have to have piped in noise, they bail to the parking lots the second they start losing, pound their chest when winning, etc... They are the Dallas Cowboys of NCAA.

By far the most arrogant, hypocritical, of fans I have ever seen. No one even mentioned UNC before this guy posted that their tailback is better and MG is discarded waste for UNC. If he committed there, it would be the world beater attitude about how great he is. DOUCHEBAG MOVE.

Clemson Kev said...

Great assessment above. Agreed. Congrat to MG and the Pack. They got a good one.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line - State fans are gutless mouth-breathers that deserve the total lack of success and respect they get. Every time I see a minimum wage increase proposed, I oppose it because there are too many State grads who just don't deserve one.

Anonymous said...

UNC picked up not one but TWO running backs yesterday that are higher rated than this guy, and you haven't mentioned it. State bias?

Anonymous said...

When you are GREAT, everyone's gotta HATE. Sorry Packers, the Heels will always be considered your daddy's!

Anonymous said...

wow someone really has some issues...well this football fan in general who hasnt played sports before obviously doesnt follow or know anything...I wasnt commenting on how good of a rb mg is, he has academic and off the field issues and it is a fact that unc stopped showing interest awhile ago unlike the article implies. So in short, nc state actually has a good recruiting class this yr but once again you have shown just how classless state fans can be too. BTW for those that dont understand the english language or have a very good command of it, the statement "now has a really good rb coming in themselves" implies that greene is one also. Thanks for wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

"Bottom line - State fans are gutless mouth-breathers that deserve the total lack of success and respect they get. Every time I see a minimum wage increase proposed, I oppose it because there are too many State grads who just don't deserve one."

Didn't you just prove the previous posters point?

Anonymous said...

Pack fans don't deserve the increase, but you have time to type while at work? So, this must be you earning your wage?

It's too easy.

Both schools have attributes and flaws. As well as the student athletes that attend them. UNC was looking really weak until Kiffin pulled his stunt at Tenn. They have rebounded well and look like they will get a good not great class.

State has always had good, not great classes. At 3-0 with the new coaches in football...I'm fine with that.


I've never seen a "gutless" State fan. Most of the time, they are "ready to roll" and stick up for their team at the first moment of insult (even though they hardly win).

However, I have seen an entire fraternity at UNC get punked by 3 guys.

There's more nannies and nancies at UNC per student than at a retirement home.

I'm a Gamecock fan. So, I don't have a dog in the hunt, but do know what I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Anon 9:41 a.m.?

I know exactly what is going on with Greene's situation.

He is not getting into school. He had a very high interest in USC, and because of perceived attitude/educational issues, and the fact that USC is all over LAttimore, they did not recruit him. Neither did clemson.

Your school sucks and nobody gives a flying &%&# about NC State.

Be happy you got a really good RB from SC and that USC and CLemson did not want him.

You need to worry about him hitting the books and actually making it onto campus, you unbelievable douche.

Anonymous said...

Well jimminy christmas...who knew we had Mel Kiper on this blog? Hey Mel!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Anon 9:41 thinks MG picked NC State over GA and Bama?

That is rich. They had committable offers from Rutgers and NC State.

MG is super talented, and if he gets his act straight, he will be a very good RB for the Wolfpack.

I have a hard time believing all NC State fans are as terrible as I have been told, but I am starting to believe it.

Anonymous said...

He is highly regarded by his coach and some who have seen him play. If O'Brien wanted him, it a good get. Just as the two running backs that announced for UNC are good gets for that program.
Stop with the name calling. Both NCS and UNC are great schools, with good football programs. After all, if they are douche bags, then what is the value in beating them? But if the win is against a great opponent, it means something!

Anonymous said...

State fans consistently look for opportunities to trash Carolina and their fans out of pure jealousy. It seems that they get more enjoyment out of Carolina's misfortune than at any time they achieve academic or athletic success, however rare it may be. This constant obsession of the ongoings of things in Chapel Hill does nothing to dispute the claims of your inferior existence and serves more as a reinforcer or reminder of where you are at. Despite this, State at least has a history of success athletically and is a reputable institution, which is more than can be said about South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

For the UNC homers (with limited math skills) - TOB 3 and the best coach in America Butchie 0... I will take States recruits anyday.

Anonymous said...

^ How many wining seasons does TOB have at NCS? That's what I thought.

Kevin Thomas said...

I love how UNX fan always spouts off about how State fans are always trashing Carolina. Then in the same comment declare State and State fans as being inferior and jealous. Too funny.

Back on topic, both programs received commitments from RBs which were positions of need for the respective schools. My concerns are with the injuries these RBs had during their senior seasons.

Anonymous said...

^ Excuse the typo

Anonymous said...

I'm better than you are!
No, I am better than you are!
Oh no, you suck. And I am better.

NCar and NC State fans are complete trash. I can see why Wake and Duke people look down on both fan bases.

White Trash plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote: "Bottom line - State fans are gutless mouth-breathers that deserve the total lack of success and respect they get. Every time I see a minimum wage increase proposed, I oppose it because there are too many State grads who just don't deserve one."

Your ignorance is appalling. As a current NC State student, I find your comment extremely condescending and degrading. Don't even try to tell me that I am just "jealous" of Chapel Hill. I was accepted to UNC and chose State OVER Chapel HIll. Just wondering, where did you go to school??

Well, I gotta go find muh coveralls since I'm fixin' to go milk muh cows...gotta earn a livin' off the "MINIMUM WAGE" I'm makin'...savin' it up for a brand new tractor....NOT!

Anonymous said...

I went to UNC and chose it OVER NC State - after having taken classes at State for a semester while still in high school. Unlike you, I actually applied and was accepted to both schools, but chose to attend UNC after getting a look at the mouth-breathers that actually get into State.

Good luck with that budding career in fast food management.

Anonymous said...

"Unlike you, I actually applied and was accepted to both schools, but chose to attend UNC after getting a look at the mouth-breathers that actually get into State."

Wow, that's funny since I included in my post that I APPLIED and was ACCEPTED to UNC.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, watching these morons from NC State and NCar trash each other.

Two awful places tearing each other down.

WaHoo Wa

Anonymous said...

As a UNC grad, (class of 85), I feel sorry for these UNC recruits. I can't imagine how sad it must be to practice hard all week then watch the stadium empty early in the 3rd quarter because a basketball player is walking somewhere nearby. I also hope they are not victims of Butch's waiver wire.