Friday, January 15, 2010

Butler’s juniors in line for numerous FBS offers

State 4AA champion Butler has six rising seniors who are likely to have offers from major programs before the May evaluation period for recruiters concludes.

“All six will have big-time BCS offers,” said coach Mike Newsome this afternoon.

A quick look at the six:

*Christian LeMay, QB: A national talent of the first order. “I don’t even count his offers anymore,” Newsome said. “He can get one from any school he’s interested in, from Alabama on down.”

*Kris Frost, LB: Another player expected to be recruited on a national scale, he’s received his first written offer, from North Carolina. But he also has a few verbals, including one from Michigan. “He’s always been a Michigan fan; wearing Michigan shorts and T-shirts to practice ever since he started here,” Newsome said. “Any school that wants to beat them will have to work real hard.”

*Mark Bridges, DB: Newsome believes that Cincinnati will soon offer, with more to come.

*Jawuan Edwards, RB: Powerful at 6-foot and 220 pounds, and fast for his size.

*Deion Walker, Ath: Great speed and athleticism. Can play DB or RB.

*Colin Parsons, DL: Already 6-3 and 235 pounds, and could get bigger.

All of which simply means that Butler will be tough again next fall.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! First of all, I'll be surprised it Newsome is even there next fall and 6 good players doesn't make a good team. They're losing 90% of their starters! Lastly, 1/2 of these kids will likely end up like Anthony Short - no offers at all because his grades are terrible and his attitude is worse!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Newsome doesn't have a lot of credibiltiy because he tells the press everyone is a d1 player on his team. Why do the bottom four have no offeres yet? Schools know they get an advantage by offereing early. Lastly, why hasn't the CO reported why Bell was kicked off UNC's team? Everyone at butler knows.

Stan Olson said...

So why was Bell kicked off, if everybody knows? I don't...And another thing; most juniors who will get D-I offers do not have them at this time. Only the exception kids (LeMay, etc.) do, as schools wait for the May evaluation period for a first-hand look at results from the winter weight room.

Anonymous said...

GO Bulldogs! Newsome no credibility?? When has he said that a kid was a D1 prospect and they were not?? Name one? Then tell me what CMS school has more kids playing ball than BUTLER! And for the record I know that the Bridges kid has offers from Central Michigan and ECU. Why so much HATE!!!! I would like to know why Bell was booted from UNC? Guess Newsome lied about him and the other two Bulldogs still on that team!! HaHaHAHaHa!!!

Anonymous said...

Stan, you earlier reported Alabama was interested in Charest. care to update that? Just making a point.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt you rather have a coach who tries to promote his players and get them D! offers than a coach who doesnt care, and btw if you have5-6 starters coming back thats make it impossible to lose 90% of them