Friday, January 22, 2010

Farmer will choose between Tar Heels, Clemson

From our colleague Tim Stevens in Raleigh:

Ethan Farmer, a 6-foot-3, 260-pound senior tight end and defensive
end at South Columbus High, plans to make a recruiting visit to the
University of North Carolina this weekend.

South Columbus coach Jake Fonvielle said Farmer, who is being
recruited as a defensive lineman, visited Clemson last weekend.

"Realistically, I think it is down to North Carolina and Clemson,"
Fonville said. "Those are the two places that he has visited. I think
he is going to Carolina this weekend and make his decision pretty

Farmer is ranked No. 6 in the state in the Charlotte Observer's Top
25. Farmer and Roanoke Rapids' Kareem Martin are the only two players
among the Top 25 in North Carolina who are not committed.

The national signing day is Wednesday, Feb. 3.

"He is a young guy with good size who is really quick," Fonvielle
said. "He is really strong and is going to continue getting better."

--Stan Olson


Dean Smith said...

Go to UNC if you want your growth to stop at the High School level. Butch cannot coach. Just sell you on Univ. Miami success in the early 90s.

But MJ did go there too. So, it's a wash.

Anonymous said...

Depends where he plays. If it is defensive then "Dean Smith" is far from the truth. Davis is known for his defensive stars at the collegiate level becoming stars at the pro level. Offensive not so much but it does happen also for him quite a bit.

But then again the previous poster is obviously just a hater so it a wash.

Butch Greene said...

All 3 wide receivers taken in the draft in only his 3rd year hater. 1 D End and O Tackle invited to the combine this year (his only seniors) and 6 juniors projected in the 1st & 2nd round of the 2010 draft who chose to stay. Plug your hole idiot.

Davis added 2 of the top 10 linemen in the country who just enrolled in classes this week.

Anonymous said...

I believe several of Butch's players are on their way to the NFL after this season. Austin, Carter, Quinn will all be first round picks and there are several DBs who will go in the late first round to second round next year when they come out. Hakeem Nicks is currently playing for the Giants. Wonder who is your school "Dean Smith"?

Anonymous said...

We got Martin and Wilkins recommitted after telling ncsu to kiss off. If we get Farmer we should be close to the top 25 again in recruiting which really means little but it is something to look forward to. Go Heels

Anonymous said...

@ 3:31pm Dean Smith said...
Go to UNC if you want your growth to stop at the High School level. -------------------------------
That is probably the dumbest coment I have ever seen on any blog on this web site.