Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whew! Wideout to hit 22 camps in 28 days

You will never have a month like the one facing Durham Mt. Zion Christian’s Tehvyn Brantley.

Brantley is a speedy little wide receiver who will spend June doing everything he can to overcome that “little” adjective. He will visit the football camps of colleges across the country, and he will do so at a stunning rate, attending almost one a day.

If that sounds exhausting, his father Leroy does not consider it a problem.

“His friends call him the Martian, because he’s not from this planet,” Tehvyn’s dad said. “He never gets tired.”

Look at his schedule and make up your own mind:

May 30—The combine in Los Angeles.

June 1—Arizona State camp.

June 2—Tennessee camp.

June 5—Oklahoma State camp.

June 6—Texas Tech camp.

June 7—Wake Forest camp.

June 8—Rice camp.

June 9—LSU camp.

June 11—Clemson camp.

June 12—Arizona camp.

June 13—Georgia camp.

June 14—Ohio State camp.

June 15—South Carolina camp.

June 16—Florida camp.

June 18—Central Michigan camp.

June19—North Carolina camp.

June 20—West Virginia camp.

June 21—Buffalo camp.

June 22—UCLA camp.

June 24, 25—Southern Cal, two camps.

June 26—Washington.

Take a deep breath, Tehvyn.

“The airline tickets are already bought, prepaid,” said his father.

And, we assume, the car gassed up.

“So many schools have said, ‘We like Tehvyn, but we’ve got to see him at camp,” Leroy said. “People are worried about his height, so he has a lot to prove.

Tehvyn was the offensive MVP at the Combine in Charlotte in late April, but that’s not enough, Leroy said.

“The coaches can’t attend those. That was nothing but exposure. That was the pre-game routine, to get his name out there. Now it’s time to go to work.”

Tehvyn already has offers from Buffalo and Central Michigan, but he’s looking for more. From what I saw at the combine, he’s good enough to get them. If June doesn’t wear him out first.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

—Stan Olson

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